Saturday, April 28, 2007

Picnic turn out to be camping

Uncle Ernie planned to have a camping outting.. and I can tell he wanted daddy to be there, Kerachut bay. The thing is... Ah Ma wanted to join too... So if daddy joined in, mie will be alone taking care of you on the weekend.

To me, I am ok if daddy wants to go, but, I prefer we hang out happy family together. I knew daddy wanted to unwind. So, finally, we decided to go. All of us together, of cos, a happy family, and we brought you too.

Look at you, my sweetie, you were enjoying your little index finger on journey. Kerachut, here we come......

After we reached The end of the world.. daddy put you in the carrier bag. We bought specially for this event to safe guard you. We took a boat to Kerachut. You were taking the sea breeze and we all agreed you enjoyed it. Do you ?

Are you glad to be exposed to such experience at a little age? Kai Mah is happy when she received MMS that you were outside exploring the world. We were so happy spending time and have fun. You were happy and to all of us, you are a super baby. You were good, not cranky and easy to handle. By evening, mie and daddy changed our mind. We will put over a nite and have you experience a camping at the age of 6mths old. You are the youngest camper in TCE club. Little junior, are you capable to be Uncle Ernie's succesor?

Oh ya, the nite we had in Kerachut was horrible. Pek Kong and Ming Pek Pek wanted a berlekeh nite and as they wished, we had it. Thunderstorm and lighting nite, with heavy wind and down pour. Mie mie was so dumb. You were soundly asleep in the tent and I din wanna take you out, despite the thunderstorm. I cuddled you tight. Never cross my mind, we are sleeping under the coconut trees and that's dangerous. It was a mess, but you had a lot of news thing experienced in this day - outdoor shower, lying in the haymock and we had it dvd-ed down for you to ponder.


Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

wow, PK,salute you! Little Lynus, you are so so adventruous!!

Peter & Joyce said...

I see a future camper in the making! Sounds like fun and something we would enjoy too....tents and all.