Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's weekend again !

Today, it's another fun family activity.

A big group of us, in 4 cars headed to northern state, Kedah. The whole bunch of us - Ah Siang pek pek, Ah Tat pek pek, Sen Kor poh, Sen Teoh Kong, Chien kor kor, Soon Chiang teoh teoh, Little Jia Shern, Ji Kor Poh, Shaene Jeh Jeh and family, Daddy, Mummy, Selinna Cim Cim, Kong Kong and Por Por, we went round Alor Setar, then to Keriang recreational and lastly had dinner at Jitra. Too bad we were late to go round Keriang recreational site. It was close when we arrived.

The sad part is, no one brought camera and mummy thot it was in my bag, but I left it on the table. *sob sob*

Kedah is a state full with paddy field. I like the landscape there. Very peaceful and calm. If we are going there again, I will never forgot to bring a camera to capture some memory.


HJ® said...

Why la Mummy forgot to bring camera? Aisey, why la didn't use Daddy's phone to snap photos? Then Mummy or Daddy can MMS to Godmom mar..

Anyhow Godmom loves Kedah too. Naturally beautiful place. Next time Prince goes explore-explore there with Godmom k?

Ginn & Halers said...

Kai Ma,

When are you coming to explore Kedah ?