Friday, March 30, 2007

A gift from Uncle Chit

Uncle Chit wanted to send you this cutie picture and he is getting mummy's help. The puppies are cute but too late to have them, the real puppies - they are sold out. Do you like it ? Hopefully uncle chit can present real puppy instead of picture. I think you like it better. Uncle Chit, do you agree ?

Thursday, March 29, 2007


These few days, putting you to sleep is a very easy task. Mummy doesnt have to pat you and sing lullabies while carrying you in my arm. I simply walk around the house and in less than 5 mins, you doze off.

Hope this sleeping pattern will remain forever.

Look at your best sleeping style. You like to close your eyes with your arm. While mummy was posting this blog, you and daddy were soundly asleep. Ok dokie, mie is tired for the day too. Hitting the bed now. Nite nite sweetie.

Your cheeky look

After taken you out from the fridge, mummy cleaned and changed you into your pyjamas. We were happily having our fun playtime. We both enjoyed ourself. Too bad, daddy isnt around to have fun together. He was still at work. I can resist to not take a picture of your cheeky look. I am loving you more each day... Muack Muack !

Wow, you feel good !

Dear Lynus,

After feeling bore with Barney, mummy bring you to experiment a new excitement. Feel new things. And guess what ? Look at the picture beside, do you know where were you place ? You are in a fridge !Cool ya. We put in the fridge yesterday nite.

You like it so much, feeling so great in the fridge. Look at your happy smile.

Don't disturb me

When I reach home after work yesterday, you were in your stroller. Sitting quietly with your concentration on the TV. Oh i see, there you are watching Barney. You were so focus on the purple dinosaur.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Your arrival

Hey boy, how do you find your look ? Ugly isnt it ? Most babies look like this when they arrive to this world. This is your look when you offspring from mummy. Daddy was so excited, and taken some pics of you, happily sending them to 'jiu jiu", "shu shu" and also kai mah.

You have kept us waiting for 16hrs after mummy's water bag burst at 7.30am on 1st Nov 06. Naughter you. Frens and family are so eager to see you but you "tarik harga". SMS, calls coming in asking for status and updates. On this very day, auntie Rie, was also here to witness your arrival. Mummy is glad you make it. If Dr Gan was to arrive earlier, you probably arrive earlier at 11.00pm instead of 11.02pm.

What amazed me most is your strength. Perhaps you know I wanted a natural delivery and you are cooperative ya. Your heart beat is always galloping. Well done Lynus ! Thou the process isnt a short one, mummy is proud you listen to our words, bringing yourself down to the birth canal and we made it naturally.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You make it


This morning, you finally turned over on your own without any help from ah ma, ah kong or mie mie. While waiting for Ah Ma to put on your nappy after your morning bath, you turn yourself and Ah Ma was so excited about it. Mie Mie was about to leave for work, but put a stop to it and taken 2 pics. Unfortunately, I can only post the pics after consulting Kai Mah on how to do it. I admit I am lazy to explore on my own and why work so hard if I can save my time getting Kai Mah's help. Oh ya sweetie, your sexy bum is in the pic.

"Look at your sexy bum"

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's a gift for you from Kai Mah

Dear Lynus,

Mummy initiated this blog for you with the motivation from Kai Mah. I din realise she can drives me to this extend. I have wanted to create a blog for you but, put up alot of excuses, ie, no time, lousy english... blah blah blah..

However, today she touches me, simply by her MSN...

HJ® aka Kai Mah says: i like your updates on Kai-chai
Mummy says: or... are u trying to motivate to start a blogger for him
HJ® aka Kai Mah says: you should lar
HJ® aka Kai Mah says: LOL

Mummy says: i get you correctly ?
HJ® aka Kai Mah says: ya mar.. reading bout him. can only know how he's growing. not able to see him in person :'(
Mummy says: u are indeed encouraging me to start him a blogger

So here you go.... mie mie will share this blog to frens and family, posting your progress.

Luv alwiz,
Mie & Dy