Saturday, May 5, 2007


This was your 3rd haircut.

The 1st was on your full moon day. We din bald you b'cos mummy "em seh tak" your soft blonde hair. The chinese believes and practice balding on full moon but nope for you. Anyway, "yi si yi si" Ah Ma (from M'ca) shaved your hair

Your 2nd hair cut was before CNY. We brought you to Miyako salon. Glamour ya... You were coperative. We had an easy time and it cost merely RM3.00

Mummy thot this time, it's an easy slot too. I was wrong. We went to Uncle Man's place. The place daddy goes for his haircut. Auntie Eva trimed your hair. You moved around and it's difficult to cope up with weight, gosh , my arms were stressed. It was FOC.

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Peter & Joyce said...

Where are the photos after the haircut? :)